The NorthShore Audiology Department works to diagnose and treat hearing loss in people of all ages. Through early detection and comprehensive treatment options, our audiology team strives to minimize the impact of hearing loss in the lives of our community members. 

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What Do Audiologists Do? 

Our audiologists utilize the latest medical technology and hands-on evaluation to diagnose auditory conditions and educate patients on hearing loss and how to minimize its impact on daily life. 

The audiology team collaborates closely with ENT physicians and other specialists and subspecialists as part of a multi-disciplinary care team, providing the patient with the resources they need to thrive within their diagnosis.

What Examinations and Treatments Do Audiologists Perform?

Our Audiologists offer comprehensive hearing and auditory services to diagnose and treat hearing loss, balance issues and tinnitus, among many other auditory disorders. These procedures include:

  • Comprehensive diagnostic evaluations
  • Cochlear Implants
  • Osseointegrated Implants
  • Auditory Brainstem Response Testing
  • Auditory Processing Evaluations
  • Hearing Aids
  • Ototoxic Monitoring
Audiologists provide services ranging from fitting patients with hearing aids, to helping them connect with resources to lessen the impact of hearing loss, including educating patients and their families on the emotional and physical challenges of these conditions. 

Are Audiologists Physicians? 

Audiologists are licensed health professionals with a master’s or doctorate degree in the diagnosis, treatment, evaluation and rehabilitation of hearing loss. They are highly trained in providing these services for a variety of conditions. 

Audiologists are an essential part of your care team, but they are not doctors. They do not perform surgeries or provide prescription medication. Audiologists work in conjunction with specialists and ENT physicians to provide these services, when necessary. 

When Should You See an Audiologist? 

Individuals who believe they may be experiencing symptoms of early hearing loss--such as trouble hearing the TV, radio or conversations with others--may benefit from visiting an audiologist. 

Your audiologist will complete a thorough examination and determine a proper course of care. If your hearing loss is due to age or environmental issues, such as repeated exposure to loud noises, they may provide you with the resources you need without having to refer you to another specialist.

If your audiologist determines that your hearing loss may be due to an underlying medical condition, they may refer you to an ENT specialist for further testing and treatment. 

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