Speech Therapy

Swedish Hospital's speech-language pathologists specialize in treating the full spectrum of cognitive-communicative disorders in patients of all ages. Services are available as both an inpatient and outpatient. 

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Conditions Treated

Speech therapy begins with a thorough evaluation and assessment that allows us to determine the best possible treatment. Conditions treated include: 

  • Speech disorders
  • Language disorders
  • Cognitive communication disorders
  • Voice disorders
  • Stuttering
  • Swallowing disorders
Assistive devices are available for those who cannot speak.  

Elements to Therapy

Our primary goal for every patient is the same: to improve communication, cognition and swallowing to the highest possible degree.

Speech therapy may include a combination of:

  • High-tech diagnostics
  • Computerized teaching
  • Modifications to consistency of food
  • Exercises to improve tongue and lip movement
  • An emphasis on coaching, education and other exercises
  • Family education to ensure patients have appropriate support at home
We also offer Fibroendoscopic Evaluation of Swallowing (FEES), which uses a sophisticated flexible endoscope to view the swallow mechanism and provides precise information for diagnosis and treatment.

Special services for accent modification are also available for those who would like to improve their ability to communicate clearly using standard American English.  

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To schedule an appointment, call 773-878-6888.

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