Additional Childbirth Resources

Swedish Hospital is dedicated to providing additional resources for pregnant patients with specialized needs. Two of these programs are outlined below. 

Maternal-Fetal Medicine Program

The Maternal-Fetal Medicine Program at Swedish Hospital offers advanced care for high-risk pregnancies from board-certified maternal-fetal medicine specialists.

Learn more about our Maternal-Fetal Medicine Program>>

Coordinating Chronic Condition Care Program

The Coordinating Chronic Condition Care Program coordinates care for women diagnosed with chronic or gestational hypertension or diabetes by raising awareness for these conditions and connecting providers with best practice.

Learn more about our Coordinating Chronic Condition Care Program>>

Family Connects Chicago

We are proud  to partner with the Chicago Department of Public Health and Family Connects International to provide in-home support, guidance and connections to additional resources from Swedish Hospital nurses—at no additional cost to you if you live in Chicago. 

Learn more about Family Connects Chicago>>

Contact Us

For more information on the Family Birthing Center, call 773-989-3834.