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Our Family Birthing Center is staffed with medical experts and offers a comfortable, home-like setting with privacy, security, pullout bed for dad or other support person, rocking chair, dinette area, WiFi and much more. Through our partnership with the Ann & Robert H. Lurie Children’s Hospital of Chicago give all pediatric patients at Swedish Covenant Hospital the very highest quality care and resources available in Chicago. Specialists from Lurie Children’s Hospital work on Swedish Covenant Hospital’s campus and collaborate with hospital staff to care for patients. 

Swedish Covenant Hospital’s Intermediate Care Nursery (ICN) can provide care to infants who are moderately ill with problems that are expected to resolve rapidly. These infants are at moderate risk of serious complications related to immaturity, illness and/or their management. In general, care in our ICN is usually limited to newborn infants who are more than 32 weeks gestational age and weigh more than 1,500 grams at birth or who are recovering from serious illness treated in a Level III NICU. Newborns that are seriously ill may be transferred to a facility with a Level III NICU.

For more information on the Family Birthing Center, call 773-989-3834.
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What’s the Family Birthing Center experience all about?  Ask an expert!
Eva Peroulas, RN, MSN, has been a nurse for 24 years, 15 of them at Swedish Covenant Hospital, and she remains passionately enthusiastic about her role as quality system manager for the SCH Family Birthing Center. Below, she answers questions commonly asked by expectant mothers.

Q: What is the difference between delivering a baby in a traditional hospital setting and delivering in a Birthing Center?
A: “There are many women who would prefer to deliver their baby at home. We try to bring that home feeling into our unit, but if there’s an emergency, we are ready. We think of our unit as a delivery-at-home experience with medical resources right there.”

Q: Can I go through labor and delivery in the same room?
A: “Yes. We consider the whole family’s experience in our Birthing Center rooms. We have a pullout bed for the mom’s partner or other support person to stay, a rocking chair—all amenities women have told us they want.”

Q: How many support people, such as doulas, friends, partners or family members are allowed to be with me in the labor and birthing room?
A: “Two at a time—three if one of them is a doula. We need to have enough room for additional staff to come in if we need to provide emergency care.”

Newborn baby with mom and dad

Q. How does the Birthing Center help women manage pain during labor? What if I don’t want any drugs during my labor?
A: “It always depends on the woman’s preferences. Some women don’t want to feel any pain and ask for an epidural right away.  There are Jacuzzis in each room, as well as birthing stools, squatting bars, aromatherapy—all additional options for having a drug-free but less painful birth experience. Our staff model is to follow the mom’s wishes—but it’s up to the baby sometimes too!”

Q: How many women in labor does each nurse typically care for?
A: “We have one nurse caring for every two women in early labor, one-on-one nursing care for each woman during active labor and two nurses for each woman at birth—one for the mother and one for the baby. It is worth noting that Swedish Covenant Hospital has been recognized as a Magnet® hospital by the American Nurses Credentialing Center, which means our nursing staff has been nationally recognized for providing the highest quality of nursing care.”

Q: What kind of breastfeeding education and support is available to new moms?
A: “A lactation consultant sees every patient in the Mother and Baby Unit and all our nurses are required to have breastfeeding training. There is always someone available to help new moms learn how to breastfeed. We also have a dedicated Breastfeeding Clinic in the Mayora Rosenberg Women’s Center.”

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Q: Do you have any mandatory tests or procedures for newborns?
A: “We are required by law to do routine hearing tests and a congenital heart screenings on all babies before they leave. We also place babies with their mothers “skin-to-skin” for an hour immediately after they are born.”

Q: Does the hospital accept cord blood donations or arrange for them to be given to a public cord blood bank?
A: “Yes—as long the arrangements are set up before labor. There is no charge to donate to a cord blood bank, but there is a fee to store the cord for your own child, which is called “banking” the cord.”

We offer monthly tours of the Family Birthing Center, as well as an array of educational classes to help you prepare for baby and beyond. To explore these events, visit our Pregnancy and Parenting Classes.


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