Information to Inform Your Birth Plan

Prior to Hospital Stay

  • Identify your support person. 
  • Comfort items allowed to bring from home include pillows, music, lights and diffusers. 
  • Please remember to pack your state ID, insurance card, updated medication list and any health status changes. 

Arrival/Evaluation of Labor Progress

  • No need to go to the ER! All OB patients are evaluated in the last 24-hour Labor and Delivery Unit on the third floor of Galter Medical Pavilion at 5145 N. California Ave. 
  • A nurse will assess you and your baby in our triage rooms. After assessment, you may:
    • Move to a labor a delivery room
    • Stay in triage for further assessment
    • Be sent home until your labor progresses further

Labor and Delivery

  • Telemetry and cordless monitoring is offered (subject to availability). 
  • Delayed cord clamping is done with all deliveries, until there is an emergency. 
  • Episiotomies and vacuum deliveries are not routine. Perineal support is done to encourage intact perineum. 
  • Immediate and uninterrupted skin to skin is encouraged until after the first feeding, unless there is an emergency. (This includes C-Sections). 
  • Clear window screens are available for C-sections to see your baby arrive. 
  • Pictures are encouraged once the infant is stable from delivery. No pictures or video can be recorded during delivery. 
  • Depending on your provider, your baby's circumcision may happen at the hospital or at your provider's clinic. 
  • In case of emergencies, your provider will explain any and all procedures and discuss the the risks and benefits. 

Your Delivery Care Team Can Include

  • Labor Nurse
  • Baby Nurse
  • Nursing Student
  • OB Tech
  • OB Doctor
  • OB Midwife
  • OB Hospitalist
  • OB Resident
  • Medical Student

Patient and Visitor Resources

  • Phone Number for Room: Call 773-878-8200 followed by the extension on your communication board. 
  • Housekeeping Department: Dial 5289 from your room phone. 

Ready to Safely Care for You

Swedish Hospital is operating under enhanced safety protocols to provide a comfortable and safe environment for our patients, physicians, nurses and hospital staff.

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