Wound Care Treatments and Procedures

We offer a wide variety of treatments and procedures to provide each unique patient with the best available options for their individualized care plan. Treatment plans include regular visits to the Wound Care Center to evaluate your progress ensure your treatment plan evolves with your healing.

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Treatments available include:
  • Antibiotic Therapy

    Medications used to address bacterial contamination of the wound
  • Activity Plan

    Physical activity to assist in improving muscle mass and blood flow, positively impacting the healing of a wound and reducing pressure due to immobility
  • Compression Therapy

    Pressure dressings and wraps applied to reduce tissue swelling and promote proper venous blood drainage and arterial blood supply
  • Debridement

    The removal of dead tissue to stimulate the wound bed and promote healing
  • Diabetes Management

    Reducing or controlling the impact of diabetes on your wounds, especially of the feet (diabetes affects small blood vessels and pain sensation due to the impact on nerves).
  • Advanced Care Dressings

    Specialty dressings with and without advanced medication impregnation, applied to absorb fluids, provide hydration and reduce bacterial contamination of the wound
  • Education

    Information regarding ambulation and exercise, diet and nutrition and self care
  • Offloading

    Reduction of pressure from bony area of the body and other areas creating pressure to address the underlying disorder of the wound
  • Skin Grafts and Bioengineered Skin Substitutes

    An autologous (graft from the patient’s own skin) or the utilization of a skin substitute product may be needed in some cases
  • Wound Vaccum (Wound Vac)

    Proven to be very effective to reduce and remove unnecessary fluid and bacteria from around your wound
  • Hyperbaric Oxygen Therapy (HBOT)

    A therapy specifically designed to deliver increased concentrations of oxygen directly to the wound site – oxygen rich blood is a necessary component of effective healing.
  • Ostomy Care

  • Ostomy fitting, sizing, evaluation and treatment of complications and education on care.
  • Lymphedema Treatment

  • Complete upper and lower extremity lymphedema care including pumping, garments and manual lymph drainage.

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