Emergency Stroke Care

Stroke is a true medical emergency. Complications can affect your everyday life, including your ability to talk and live an independent lifestyle. At Swedish Hospital, there’s hope. Our dedicated stroke specialists excel at quickly and accurately diagnosing stroke. This level of expertise helps you receive the care you need when it is likely to be most effective.

Emergency Stroke Care at Swedish Hospital

The gold standard for emergency stroke care includes receiving clot-busting medications within 60 minutes of your arrival in the Emergency Department. Our team consistently meets or exceeds this standard, helping you achieve the best possible outcome. 

Highlights of our program include: 
  • Primary Stroke Center Designation

    We have earned Primary Stroke Center Certification from the Healthcare Facilities Accreditation Program (HFAP). This designation means we are a trusted source for emergency stroke care. 
  • Award-Winning Stroke Care

    Our program has been recognized with an award from the American Stroke Association and American Heart Association. This award demonstrates our track record of delivering clot-busting medications within 60 minutes of arrival in the Emergency Department. 
  • Care From Stroke-Trained Experts

    Our board-certified neurologists have years of experience with emergency stroke care. Each physician on our team passed a national examination demonstrating their expertise in caring for patients with stroke-like symptoms. Learn more about stroke awareness
  • Around-the-Clock Access

    Our partnership with NorthShore University HealthSystem via our collaborative Telestroke Program provides access to board-certified neurologists any time, day or night. 
  • Care in Your Preferred Language

    Our clinical team includes native-speaking Spanish and Korean providers. In-house translation services are available for over 150 languages, including Tagalog and Romanian. Find out more about interpretive services.

Stroke Care Rapid Response Team

Our rapid response team connects you with life-saving care in minutes. We waste no time in restoring normal blood flow to the brain.  

Our rapid response team includes: 
  • Brain Imaging Specialists

    Our radiology team uses the best available imaging technologies. These technologies include a computed tomography (CT) scanner that operates at the fastest available speed to determine the location of the stroke. This scanner uses the lowest radiation exposure, which maximizes the safety and comfort of our patients. At Swedish Hospital you have around-the-clock access to radiologists who assure accurate imaging evaluations. Find out more about radiology services
  • Nurses

    All of our nurses receive ongoing training in detecting the earliest signs of stroke. In an emergency, our nursing team comes together to ensure there are no delays in care. Find out more about our nursing team.
  • Lab Technicians

    A member of our lab team stands ready to run a sample of your blood to the lab for processing. Blood tests tell us more about your medical history, such as whether you have blood-clotting problems. 
  • Case Manager

    Our case manager provides a smooth transition to your next care setting. For example, if you will be staying in our inpatient stroke unit, the stroke coordinator helps you and your family learn what to expect. 

Contact Us

For more information about the stroke program at Swedish Hospital, contact us by calling 773-878-8200, ext. 5679.

If you or a loved one is experiencing stroke-like symptoms, dial 911. 

Ready to Safely Care for You

Swedish Hospital is operating under enhanced safety protocols to provide a comfortable and safe environment for our patients, physicians, nurses and hospital staff.

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