What is Internal Medicine? 

Internal medicine doctors are primary care doctors that focus on adult medicine. Through regular visits, they can become a valuable partner in avoiding and treating disease and improving overall health.  

Focused on Adult Medicine

By narrowing their field of study by excluding topics like development and pediatrics, internal medicine doctors can spend more time practicing specialties related to prevention and aging. Specialties they study may range from general illness to oncology, as well as holistic, surgical and pharmacological intervention.  

Experienced in a Variety of Medical Practices

Internal medicine doctors are experienced in a wide range of conditions and treatments. They are well equipped to treat a variety of illnesses and disorders in their office, meaning you won’t have to be referred somewhere else in many cases. 

Equally important, internal medicine doctors can determine when you need to see a specialist for more intensive treatment. If you are referred to a specialist, internists continue to work with both you and the specialist, keeping up to date with your diagnosis and care.

Familiar With Inpatient and Outpatient Settings

Because internists receive training in both an inpatient and outpatient setting, they are well versed and well equipped at navigating both types of care. 

When possible, they work with you to treat conditions on an outpatient basis. When hospital admission is necessary, they will work with your inpatient care team for a seamless transition and to provide comprehensive care throughout your hospital stay. Through partnership with hospitalist care teams, internal medicine physicians work to elevate the attention and services you receive while in the hospital. 

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