McCormick Montessori Procedures

What do you do to keep children safe?

Security and safety are extremely important to Swedish Hospital and the MMCCC program. Some specific security measures include:

  • Completing Background and Criminal History checks on all employees and volunteers.
  • Permitting only authorized persons to approach the building and/or pick up children.
  • Keeping all outside doors locked at all times.
  • Routinely fingerprinting and photographing the children for their official records, in conjunction with the City of Chicago.
  • Having our staff trained in CPR and First Aid procedures.
  • Posting the names of children with allergies and asthma in each classroom so all staff are aware.
  • Having a fire alarm system that rings automatically to the Fire Department as well as conducting fire drills on a regular monthly basis. Smoke/heat detectors are in every room. Fire extinguishers are readily available for use throughout the building.
  • Having a fully enclosed playground with direct supervision of the children at all times.
  • Licensing through the Department of Children and Family Services.
  • Monthly health and safety checks by a Swedish Hospital professional.
  • Security monitoring by Swedish Hospital Public Safety.
  • Regular communication and attendance tracking with our parent communication app.


What do the children eat?

Your tuition includes organic hot lunch, and two snacks (morning and afternoon). Catering is provided by Food2You Inc. which specializes in local and organic food for kids. Snacks are catered by the Swedish Hospital Food Services Department. Food menus are available to parents monthly. Infants are provided Similac formula and baby food by MMCCC. Parents are welcome to supplement or provide alternate formula and/or breast milk.

What if my child has a food restriction or allergy?

The names of all children, along with their known allergies or food restrictions, are posted in each classroom. MMCCC strives to maintain a nut-free environment. Vegetarian entrees are available. Parents can provide alternative products for any dairy restrictions, if needed and with accompanying doctors note.

Do the children get to play outside?

Absolutely! The children play outside one to two times a day (weather permitting). We have a completely enclosed 32’ x 60’ playground on the west side of the building. The children also routinely play on the pedestrian parkway in the front of the Center, and take walks to River Park (west of Francisco Ave.). We also visit the Healing Garden north of the school and our new outdoor play area to the west.

How do you handle discipline issues?

We believe in positive guidance and redirection focused on developing a child’s strengths rather than punishment. Forms of discipline may include: having the child “take a break” and sit quietly for a few minutes, discussing the problem and solution with the child, and/or diverting the child’s attention to another activity. Parents and classroom staff will be made aware of any behavioral patterns and will work together in carrying out the specific plan developed for that child’s behavior. Children will never be excluded from outdoor playtime as a form of discipline.

Does MMCCC provide diapers and wipes?

Parents are responsible for supplying diapers and wipes.

Do you allow breastfeeding and/or storage of breast milk?

Yes, we have an “open-door” policy on breastfeeding and nursing mothers are welcomed to nurse their children while they are here (on campus). Additionally, our infant classroom has a refrigerator/freezer designated for the storage of breast milk.

Do children need to be potty-trained?

Children in the Primary (3-6 year old) classrooms must be toilet trained. Children in the toddler rooms are in the process of toilet learning. You will work with your classroom teaching team when the time is right for toilet training your toddler.

Do the children go on field trips?

Given the young age and large number of children, we do not transport the children on any field trips. Occasionally, we will bring special programming to MMCCC(e.g. musical performances, petting zoo, etc.)

What forms of payment do you accept?

Tuition payment is conducted through our parent communication app via credit card (2.9% fee) or ACH ($.50 fee). Employees of Swedish Hospital have the option of using payroll deduction.

How frequently do we pay tuition?

Credit card charges or payroll deduction occur bi-weekly, coinciding with the Swedish Hospital pay day, and will be done two weeks in advance of services.

Do you charge a late pick-up fee?

Families who pick up their child(ren) within fifteen minutes after the Center’s closing will be charged $15 per child. After 15 minutes, an additional dollar per minute per child will be added to the fee.