Mila Returns to Gardening and Exercise
Following Surprise Stroke 


At 74 years old, Mila jogged, danced, gardened and consumed a healthy diet. One day, seemingly out of nowhere, Mila began experiencing stroke-like symptoms. At Swedish Hospital, a Primary Stroke Center, she was immediately admitted and treated. The stroke left her right side extremely weak, making it difficult to do everyday tasks like walk and eat. A team of therapists worked with Mila to help her regain strength and balance and return to independence. Through their help, Mila has returned home to the things she loves.

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By David Modica | Published November 9, 2016
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“When you have a surgery like I’ve had, you have to start a new life. The staff of the rehab unit helped me do that, they showed me that I would be alright without my leg.”

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LIFE after stroke

From emergency care to inpatient and outpatient rehabilitation, our comprehensive stroke program is there for you every step of the way.

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