Dr. David Stiasny Discusses Why He is Pro-Vaccine and Why He Chose Medicine

As told by David Stiasny, M.D.


Meet Pediatrician David Stiasny

We sat down with Board-Certified Pediatrician David Stiasny, M.D., to learn why he chose medicine, what his patient philosophy is and why he is pro-vaccine. 

Why I chose to study medicine

Top Quotation MarksMy grandmother fought breast cancer for almost two decades. I was eight or nine when she passed away, and at her funeral, I said I was going to be a doctor so that nobody would have to deal with something like that again. 

In the end, I did become a doctor, but I didn’t go into adult medicine. I always felt like I had a strong connection with children, so I went into pediatrics

My patient philosophy

I don’t think that a single philosophy can really apply to every patient. Each individual is unique, with different backgrounds and life experiences, and it’s my job to see how my practice style can adjust to them. 

If I’m too rigid in my ways, I may not be able to connect with them in the way that I should. The best way to connect to my patients is to adapt to each individual. 

Why I am pro-vaccine

I am very much a pro-vaccine physician. Endeavor Health Medical Group tries to make sure that all of the children we see are protected against as many vaccine-preventable illnesses as possible. 

We try to educate parents as much as we can. We do that through information sheets, our personal opinions as well as our own observations about our patients’ experiences.
Vaccines have been one of the best public health successes over the last century. We will continue to emphasize that fact in our practice.

Additional resources for my patients

In regard to sick visits, we offer a Quick Sick program from 8:30 to 9 a.m. every morning. Parents can call the night before or the morning of and our office staff will return their call to schedule an appointment that same day.

Meet Pediatrician David Stiasny
David Stiasny, M.D., is a board-certified pediatrician with Endeavor Health Medical Group. 

To schedule a primary care appointment with Dr. Stiasny, call 773-878-3627.

By David Modica | Published August 14, 2018
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