Chicago Dentist Ted Gets Back on His Feet
Thanks to ClariVein Procedure

Chicago Dentist ClariVein Procedure

As an accomplished Chicago dentist, Dr. Ted G. knows the importance of providing his patients with state-of-the-art dental services and compassionate chairside manner. His respect for quality care led him to take the time to research the best physician to deal with his varicose veins.

Working as a dentist in Lincoln Park had Ted on his feet for many hours a day, which can exacerbate varicose veins which in his case were hereditary. Ted suffered from heavy legs, bulging veins and pain along with having to contend with the unsightly appearance of his legs. His wife, noting his dissatisfaction with the condition, encouraged him to seek treatment.

As a medical professional, Ted knew that some doctors take a single short course to learn a varicose vein procedure, but he was seeking an expert who could provide a customized, cutting-edge service at a state-of-the-art facility. He explored several potential treatment options and sought out recommendations.

“In speaking with my cardiologist, he asked if the doctor I was considering was a vascular surgeon,” said Ted. “Since he was not, my cardiologist highly recommended that I schedule a consultation with Dr. Michael Shao, a board-certified vascular surgeon and an expert in treating varicose veins.”

Ted was planning to have a procedure done at a large vein clinic, but he felt they could have been more thorough in their examination so he contacted Dr. Shao for a consultation. Dr. Shao did a vascular ultrasound to get a complete view of the veins, fully analyze the situation, determine the best course of action and prepare for the appropriate procedures.

“I can go to any physician or any hospital but I chose Swedish Hospital for their expert physicians and staff along with their friendly, approachable manner,” said Ted. “Dr. Shao is very cautious and that is good. He did his research and the ultrasound, and had the expertise to do the different procedures that fit my needs – in fact, he even teaches one of the procedures to other doctors which further shows his expertise.” 

Ted underwent the ClariVein procedure, which is a newer vein ablation procedure that treats varicose veins without heat.  This results in less post-procedure pain and risk, when compared with traditional treatments, such as laser ablation or RF ablation. Swedish Hospital has been designated as one of only five “Ambassador Training Centers” in the United States, and the only training center in the Midwest, where Dr. Shao instructs other physicians who are learning how to perform the ClariVein procedure.

Based on Ted’s symptoms and ultrasound results Dr. Shao was able to provide a customized treatment plan to fit Ted’s specific needs. Ted was very happy with the results and felt the procedure was pain free and the recovery was immediate. “It was a really easy procedure and there was no pain -- I didn’t take any pain meds,” he said. “As the saying in medicine goes, if you are kind to the tissue, it will be kind to you, which translates to faster healing … and Dr. Shao is a great example of this practice and his patients certainly benefit.”

Ted’s case is a good example of how fast the recovery can be, according to Dr. Shao. “Ted saw his dental patients in the morning, had the procedure done in the afternoon, and then went back to seeing patients the next morning,” said Dr. Shao. “I tell patients about his case to highlight how fast the recovery is in general.”

Ted was happy that Medicare and his supplemental insurance fully covered the cost of the procedures. He has already recommended Dr. Shao and Swedish Hospital to family and friends. “Usually at family gatherings I’m giving dental advice, but recently I’ve also been sharing my opinion on the great job done by Dr. Shao and his staff,” he added. “You’re in great hands at Swedish Hospital with their excellent physicians and staff!”

Michael Shao, M.D., is a board-certified vascular surgeon with Endeavor Health Medical Group. His specialties include vascular surgery and wound care. 

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By Bill Ligas | Published November 02, 2015

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