Nicole Shares the Importance of Family and Compassion in Health Care


Nicole Faces of Awareness

February in Chicago is intensely cold and drab. On one of those early mornings, I went in to the Jack and Mayora Rosenberg Women’s Health Center for an ultrasound for shadowing in my right breast. While this was not my first visit to the center, I certainly didn’t think that several months later it would become a second home.

I was the first appointment of the day. The technician took photos and said, “Just wait here. I want to make sure I have everything I need.” Immediately, knots formed in my stomach signaling something is amiss. Moments later, I met Linda, who came to speak to me about the possibility of breast cancer. She informed me that one out of eight women are diagnosed, which means that seven out of eight are not. After reassurances from Linda, I made an appointment for a biopsy.

On March 9th, I returned to the Jack and Mayora Rosenberg Women's Health Center for B-Day (Biopsy Day). Corina was there to meet my needs. I couldn’t have asked for a better support during this difficult time. She spoke softly in my ear and held my hand during the entire procedure. Corina is a wonderful addition to the center for she is a true advocate for women.

I was diagnosed with cancer on March 13th. Since then, the staff in the Jack and Mayora Rosenberg Women's Health Center has become family to me. Linda was with me on the day of my double mastectomy, has joined me for oncology appointments and invites me to attend hospital events such as Courage for the Soul and the 12 Faces. She continuously encourages me and expresses care and concern for my health.

While this journey is, at times, difficult at best, it is also a positive because of my family, friends and the doctors and staff (also my family) in the Jack and Mayora Rosenberg Women's Health Center and Infusion Center. The accolades I have for both centers’ staff will be unending, for their amazing work has forever altered me. Thank you doctors and staff for your tireless effort, helping me heal, cheering me on and your professional and compassionate bedside manner.

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Published October 1, 2018

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To schedule a mammogram, 
request an appointment 
or call 773-878-6888.

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