Vascular Screenings

According to the American Vascular Association, an estimated 20-30 million Americans are at risk for vascular disease, which causes almost as much death and disability as heart disease, and more than any cancer.

What can you do to prevent future health problems from vascular disease? With early detection, vascular disease can be treated effectively in most cases. 

Screenings Offered at Swedish Hospital

Several non-invasive and painless vascular screening tests are offered at Swedish Hospital:
  • Carotid (Neck) Ultrasound

    A small ultrasound device is held to the outside of your neck. The device emits high-frequency sound waves that bounce off of blood cells and blood vessels to show blood flow and problems with the vessels' structure.
  • Abdominal Ultrasound

    A small ultrasound device is held to your abdomen to scan for any abnormalities, including an enlarged aorta.
  • Ankle-Brachial Index (for Legs and Arms)

    Your physician measures your blood pressure in your ankle and arm using a blood pressure cuff and an ultrasound device.

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