Robotic Surgery

The Northshore Medical Group General Surgeons at Swedish Hospital are trained to utilize the latest generation da Vinci(TM) Xi robotic surgery system for a wide range of foregut, general, colon and rectal surgeries when appropriate.  

The latest robotic surgical techniques combined with enhanced recover after surgery (ERAS) protocols are proven to reduce hospital stays, result in faster healing times with less time off work, lower post-operative complication rates and less post-operative pain. 

The da Vinci Xi robot translates the surgeon's natural hand motions into precise movements of the robotic arms positioned inside the patient's body using a small camera which delivers the surgeon a magnified 3D view in the patient's body. The robotic arms give the surgeon greater dexterity and range of motion through a few small incisions, rather than a large open incision.

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What are the Benefits of Robotic Surgery?

The robotic platform allows our surgeons to perform outpatient and many major surgeries, when appropriate, through a few small incisions.

This results in better outcomes for patients and has the added cosmetic benefit of avoiding unseemly scarring.

The majority of colorectal surgeries in the U.S. are performed through a large, open abdominal incision. At Swedish Hospital, our surgeons can perform equally effective, and more precise colon and rectal surgeries using robotic technology through a few incisions that are a portion of the size. 

Do the Robots Operate?

Many patients are concerned a robot is doing the surgery. Be assured that the robot does not think on its own, but rather allows the surgeon, who is in direct control at all times, to make more precise and complex movements in a small space which were not previously possible. The surgeon also has visualization of the robotic instruments at all times while at the console that controls these instruments. 

Types of Robotic Surgery

The da Vinci Xi Surgical System can be used in a wide variety of surgical procedures, including:
  • Colectomy and Intestinal Surgery

    Surgeries for benign and malignant bowel diseases.
  • Cystectomy

    A procedure to remove all or part of the urinary bladder, often used to treat bladder cancer.
  • Gall Bladder Surgery

    Acute and Chronic cholecystitis.
  • Heller Myotomy

    An operation on the lower esophagus which allows food and liquids to reach the stomach, often used to treat a disorder of the esophagus called achalasia.
  • Hiatal/Paraesophageal Hernia Repair

    In severe cases of hiatal hernia, when the stomach bulges through the diaphragm, robotic surgery can be used to bring the stomach back into the abdomen. 
  • Hysterectomy, Myomectomy and Sacrocolpopexy

    Gynecological surgeries used to treat uterine disorders and pain, as well as vaginal or uterine prolapses.
  • Inguinal Hernia

    Bulges through defects in the groin.
  • Low Anterior Resection

    A procedure used to treat rectal cancer or similar conditions.
  • Partial and Full Nephrectomy

    A procedure to remove of all or part of a kidney.
  • Radical Prostatectomy

    A procedure to remove the prostate gland and some of the tissue around it, often used to treat prostate cancer.
  • Splenectomy

    A procedure to remove all or part of the spleen.
  • Ureteral Reimplantation

    A procedure to treat abnormalities in the urinary system.
  • Ventral/Incisional Hernias

    Bulges through the anterior abdominal wall from acquired defects or previous surgeries.

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