Heart Disease Treatments on Chicago's North Side

With dedicated state-of-the-art procedure rooms equipped with advanced imaging equipment, the cardiology services team is ready and capable to quickly and accurately deliver personalized heart care for a broad range of heart diseases and cardiovascular conditions, including atrial fibrillation (AFib), pulmonary hypertension, deep vein thrombosis (DVT) and pulmonary embolism. 

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Minimally Invasive Heart Disease Treatments

You don’t always need surgery to treat your heart condition. Our experts will treat you using minimally invasive techniques whenever possible. Minimally invasive procedures offered by Swedish Hospital include:

  • Angioplasty and Stenting

    Inflating a small balloon inside a narrowed blood vessel to improve blood flow (angioplasty), and inserting a tiny metal mesh tube to help keep your artery walls open (stenting). 
  • Balloon Aortic Valvuloplasty

    Accessing your heart with the help of a catheter, we inflate a special balloon to widen narrowed heart vessels. 
  • Balloon Pericardiotomy

    With the help of X-ray guidance, this non-surgical procedure uses a balloon catheter to widen the sac around your heart (pericardium) and remove excess fluid.
  • Inferior Vena Cava (IVC) Filter Implant and Removal

    An IVC filter is a device we place in your blood vessel to prevent blood clots in your leg or pelvis from traveling to your lungs (pulmonary embolism). IVC filters can be left in place permanently, or we can remove them once you are no longer at risk for pulmonary embolism. 
  • EKOS Endowave™ Infusion Catheter System

    This catheter-based drug delivery system uses ultrasound technology to deliver medication (tPA) directly to the center of a blood clot. The EKOS system dissolves clots rapidly with less bleeding and lower levels of medication than other treatments. 

State-of-the-Art Electrophysiology 

  • Cardiac Ablation

    Swedish Hospital offers three highly advanced approaches to traditional cardiac ablation. 
    • Radiofrequency Ablation

      Using high frequency radio waves, a surgeon removes targeted areas of heart tissue, blocking irregular electrical patterns.
    • Fluoroless Ablation

      We are the only Chicago hospital that does ablations without any x-ray whatsoever. Using intracardiac echocardiography (ICE) and 3D electroanatomic mapping technology (3D-EAM), we can operate on mere millimeters while bypassing the risks associated with radiation, including skin injuries, genetic defects and general malignancies
    • Cryoablation

      A minimally invasive procedure utilizing a catheter containing an inflatable balloon to freeze some of the tissue surrounding pulmonary veins, bypassing some of the risks associated with traditional ablation, including the possibility of small leaks. 
  • Cardiac Resynchronization Therapy

  • Implanting a special pacemaker to detect irregular heartbeats and correct them by sending tiny electrical impulses to both the left and right chambers (ventricles) of your heart
  • Pacemakers and Implantable Cardioverter-Defibrillators (ICDs)

    Devices that correct abnormal heartbeat rhythms by sending electrical impulses to one or more chambers of your heart. This helps restore a normal rhythm.

  • In some cases, subcutaneous defibrillators may be surgically inserted under the skin on top of the sternum as a minimally-invasive solution to correcting an irregular heartbeat, which can be used for patients who would typically otherwise be considered unsuitable for ICD therapy.  

World-Class Cardiovascular Surgery

  • Coronary Artery Bypass Graft (CABG) Surgery

    Creating new pathways around blocked arteries (bypass) using a healthy vein from another part of your body, such as your leg. The bypass allows better blood flow to your heart.
  • Heart Valve Surgery

    Replacing or repairing damaged or leaky heart valves to restore proper blood flow through the heart
  • MitraClip Transcatheter Valve Repair

    This special device clips on to the tips (leaflets) of your heart valves, helping them to form a tight seal with each heartbeat. This prevents blood from flowing backward instead of forward.
  • Ultrasound-Enhanced Thrombolysis (EKOS)

    A new treatment for pumonary embolism that can restore blood flow to the pumonary artery and relieve strain on the heart, allowing for quicker recovery and better long-term cadiopulmonary status.  
  • Endarterectomy

    Surgical procedure for removing plaque from narrowed or blocked arteries by removing the innermost layer of your blood vessel wall

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