Betsy Shares Her Experience With Centering Pregnancy


Betsy Shares Her Centering Pregnancy Experience

I participated in a CenteringPregnancy® group last year and am so happy I did!

I switched to Swedish Hospital midwife care from another practice and was told about Centering at my first appointment. Lily was phenomenal about getting me into a group even though I had missed the first meeting. 

My husband and I both had such a positive experience with Molly and our time in Centering overall. It was a great way to get to know other parents-to-be and to have an open and honest forum to talk through so much while feel personally cared for. What a special time. 

We are still in touch with a few Centering friends and it's been amazing to watch our babies grow up together already, from being fetus friends to almost one year olds. 

The Centering model is truly one to be admired and replicated! I'm so grateful to have been a part of it. 

The CenteringPregnancy program brings together groups of women with similar due dates to discuss important topics, including current or expected discomforts, stress and anxiety, proper nutrition, labor and delivery and breastfeeding. 

By David Modica | Published November 27, 2018
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