CenteringPregnancy® With Swedish Hospital's Midwives

The midwives at Swedish Hospital are proud to offer CenteringPregnancy®.

The CenteringPregnancy program brings together groups of women with similar due dates to discuss important topics, including current or expected discomforts, stress and anxiety, proper nutrition, labor and delivery and breastfeeding. Studies show Centering care increases patient and provider satisfaction, breastfeeding rates and duration of breastfeeding. The program exceeds the recommended standard of 10 prenatal visits by extending the sessions from an hour and a half to two hours in length.

To join a CenteringPregnancy group, please talk to your midwife or call 773-989-6200.

What Patients Are Saying

First Time Mothers

  • "I loved Centering! It was nice to be in a group of moms to share information and get various opinions and thoughts. Even though the midwife who led our group didn’t end up “catching” my baby, it was great to see that consistent face and feel like I had a point person amongst all the midwives (who are ALL so amazing, by the way). Our group still checks in on each other from time to time as well, so seeing our babies hit various milestones is amazing."
  • "Do it! The care is great and you get some good advice from other women in a low-key, non-judgmental setting."
  • "Centering changed pregnancy from a medical experience to a supportive community experience."
  • "It was helpful to be around pregnant ladies and see that though all pregnancies are different, there are a lot of common things."
  • "Informative, fun and a great way to meet people."
  • "I loved my Centering group. Having a two-hour window with midwife and nurse was incredibly helpful as it gave plenty of time to ask questions (and to remember a question) and learn from other moms’ questions. And the second-time moms were a HUGE resource for us first time moms."
  • "We’d be discussing things and asking questions and just talking and it’d fly by. Our time slot was five to seven p.m., so it didn’t bother my work schedule. It was exciting when we got closer and started going every two weeks because it was an enjoyable time. Then toward the end when we had normal appointments in the office."

Second-Time Mothers

  • "I did Centering for my second pregnancy. I tend to be leery of group things and worried that Centering might be a little 'touchy-feely' and, for a second-timer, remedial. Still, I was lured by the convenience of having all my appointments at a set, pre-scheduled time. I had a great experience. I learned new things from the other moms, both first-timers and veterans. It was nice having a group of people to talk to specifically about pregnancy stuff. Everyone had different plans regarding baby names, medication, nursing, etc. but our discussions were never judgmental. I really enjoyed my group and would highly recommend Centering to anyone who asked."
  • "I went during my second pregnancy and loved it! Even though it had only been a year or so since my last pregnancy, I had forgotten a lot and it made me regain my confidence about the process. Plus it was more fun as a group, and everyone was kind and supportive!"
  • "I did it with my second pregnancy and loved it for many of the reasons listed above.Plus, it was a predetermined time for me to be alone (read: without toddler) and focus solely on the pregnancy and new baby. Those opportunities are so much more limited after your first pregnancy."
  • "I did Centering for my second pregnancy and had a great experience. As others have mentioned in their comments it was a great experience. It was a rare opportunity to have time and space to focus on my pregnancy and prepare for the coming of a new baby—away from my toddler daughter. I’m also relatively new to Chicago so appreciated connecting with other expectant moms in the area."

Centering Pregnancy Topic Schedule

CenteringPregnancy® group prenatal care follows the recommended schedule of 10 prenatal visits, but extends each visit to 90 minutes to two hours in length. Moms engage in their care through group discussions, recording their own health data and provide time for belly check with their provider.  

    Session One

    • Prenatal Testing
    • Nutrition
    • Size Your Servings
    • Food Diary
    • Healthy Lifestyle Choices

    Session Two

    • Body Changes in Pregnancy
    • Common Discomforts
    • Taking Care of Your Back
    • Healthy Gums and Teeth

    Session Three

    • Mental Relaxation
    • Breastfeeding My Baby
    • The Family I Want to Have

    Session Four

    • Thinking About My Family
    • Family Planning
    • Sexuality
    • Domestic Violence and Abuse
    • Fetal Brain Development
    • Preterm Labor

    Session Five

    • Labor
    • Family Birthing Center
    • Breathing
    • Medications for Labor and Birth
    • Early Labor: When to Call

    Session Six

    • The Birth Experience

    Session Seven

    • Your Newborn's First Days
    • Planning Pediatric Care
    • Caring for Your Baby
    • Circumcision
    • Brothers and Sisters
    • Newborn: When to Call

    Session Eight

    • Transitioning From Pregnancy to Parenting
    • Kick Counts
    • Emotional Adjustments
    • Postpartum Depression
    • Pregnancy: When to Call 

    Session Nine

    • Putting It All Together
    • Newborn Safety
    • Infant Massage

    Session Ten

    • Newborn Care
    • Growth and Development: The First Month
    • Home and Family Changes
    • Newborn: When to Call
    • Mom Post-Partum: When to Call

Contact Us

To join a CenteringPregnancy group, please talk to your midwife or call 773-989-6200.

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