What is a Geriatrician?

Geriatrics is the branch of medicine that focuses on the care and treatment of older adults, including individuals over 65 or younger individuals diagnosed with geriatric syndromes affecting cognition, frailty or mobility.

A geriatrician completes a three-year residency in internal medicine or family medicine followed by a geriatrics fellowship, which encompasses one to two years of additional training on the care and treatment of older adults. 

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A Brief History of Geriatrics

Geriatrics is a relatively new field. In 1950, the average lifespan for a male was 67 years. Today it's almost 79 years, due in part to the progress of modern medicine.

Geriatricians understand that no two adult patients can be treated the same. The health and wellness needs of an 80 year old is very different than an 18 year old. 

What Are the Key Components of Geriatric Care?

A focus of geriatrics is preventive medicine. All geriatric patients receive cognitive and physical testing. Based on the results of this comprehensive examination, your geriatrician can provide a customized care plan to assist with balance and strength, memory and polypharmacy—defined as taking five or more medications.

Your geriatrician can help you achieve a good diet, manage regular exercise and remain active with your family, friends and community. All three of these things are equally important for overall health in older adults. 

How is a Geriatrician Different From a Primary Care Provider? 

Geriatricians can serve as primary care providers for individuals who classify as geriatric patients; however, they can also provide additional assessment and medical treatment for individuals who are happy with their current primary care provider on a consultative basis. 

A geriatrician will perform a complete evaluation of your condition and current treatment plans to provide recommendations to your rehabilitation, social work, medication and other forms of treatment. 

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To schedule an appointment with a geriatrician, please call 773-878-6888.
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