Doctors and Galter LifeCenter experts
share healthy New Year’s resolutions

Healthy New Year Resolutions

New Years can be a time for making positive change through effective resolutions. With this in mind, Swedish Covenant Hospital doctors and Galter LifeCenter experts shared tips on how to improve your health and wellness. Here’s how to get the new year off to a healthy start:

Instead of focusing on what NOT to eat, set a goal to eat more fruits, veggies and whole grains (but be specific in your goal setting). By encouraging the consumption of healthy foods, you stay focused on something positive and leave less "room" for unhealthy food choices as a result. 
—Kate Kinne, RD, LDN, Galter LifeCenter

The most important thing for me is regular exercise—ideally something somewhat challenging, but even simply walking can be effective. A sedentary lifestyle is one of the easiest ways to age quickly.
—Dr. Bruce McNulty, Chief Medical Officer

If people were more active and obtained close to 10,000 steps daily, they would likely face fewer health problems later in life, especially if combined with healthy eating. I have no stock in Fitbit, but I think it’s a great way to have fun while being active.
Dr. Steve Attanasio, Interventional Cardiologist

As a New Year’s Eve resolution (or anytime):  Everything in moderation, including excess.
—Sue Talbert, MS, Personal Trainer and Post-Rehabilitation Medical Exercise Specialist at Galter LifeCenter

Increase your daily activity! Over the years, I have made an effort to ask all my elderly patients what their secret is—and they almost all say that they take a daily walk. Incorporate walking into daily life: walk to work, walk your kids to school or take an evening stroll. 
—Dr. Keri Robertson, Emergency Medicine Physician

Staying physically active brings many health benefits with minimal side effects. Physical activity has been shown to help with chronic pain and fatigue, improved mood and better cardiovascular health. If there is one change that I would encourage patients to make, it’s to engage in cardiovascular and strength training activities at least three days a week.
Dr. Angel Rivera, Functional and Integrative Medicine Physician       

Get plenty of sleep, think positively, maintain healthy relationships, be mindful and manage your stress, eat a well-balanced diet, exercise daily and minimize bad habits. I think these are key components to a healthy lifestyle. 
Dr. Igor Prus, a Board-Certified Sports Medicine Physician

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By Bill Ligas | Published December 28, 2017

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