Swedish Medical Group Telehealth Visits

Swedish Medical Group now offers the convenience of telemedicine visits via video or phone. See your doctor on demand from the comfort of your own home by simply clicking on a weblink that we email and text to you. 


  • Use either Chrome, Firefox or Safari browser.
  • Shortly before your visit, click on the link in your email or text message. 
  • Allow access to the camera and microphone on your electronic device. 
  • You are now checked in! No need to sign up for anything or download an app.

Just like an office visit, virtual visits are billed encounters that go through your insurance. 

Helpful Tips and Closer Look

Where Can I See This in Action?

Watch this video tutorial.

How Do I Prepare for a Successful Video Visit? 

  • Choose a location that is safe, comfortable, private and well-lit. 
  • Make sure your connection is strong and that your electronic device has plenty of charge. 
  • Check that the volume is on and that the microphone and speakers are not blocked by your hand or phone case. 
  • Expect the office to call you several minutes before your visit to obtain basic medical information. 

How Do I Start the Video Visit?

  • Click on the link in your email or text message. 
  • A welcome prompt will display. Enter your name and click the "Check in" button. 
  • Click "Turn on webcam."
  • Click "Allow" to enable the camera and microphone. 
  • You are now checked in! Your provider will be notified you are ready. 
  • If your provider is busy with another patient, there may be a small wait. Please do not log out. 

After Your Video Visit

  • You and your provider may decide that additional care is needed after the video visit. This may include a follow-up appointment, referral to a specialist, lab work or imaging. 
  • The office will bill the video visit to your insurance.