Multidisciplinary, Patient-Centered Preventive Care

Our philosophy is simple: We provide the best care when we provide it together. 

Endeavor Health Medical Group is committed to getting and keeping you well through ongoing collaboration and teamwork. To deliver the most positive patient experience with the best possible outcomes, Endeavor Health Medical Group providers follow a multidisciplinary team approach to care.

Team-Based Health Care

  • Multidisciplinary Care Teams

  • Through collaboration with one another and with you, doctors, advanced practice providers, nurses, technicians and other medical professionals work together to carefully tailor an individualized care plan to you. Together, they make up a multidisciplinary team of providers focused on helping you achieve your best health. 
  • Interdepartmental and Interdisciplinary Collaboration

  • Endeavor Health Medical Group, in collaboration with Endeavor Health Medical Group, offers a variety of medical and surgical specialty services and programs to care for you every step of the way. Interdepartmental collaboration between the various specialties and subspecialties allows you to transition from one to another, with all of your current health care information shared as tests or visits are completed. 
  • Holistic Approach to Patient Care

  • As leaders and experts in their respective fields, our physicians develop a treatment plan hand tailored to you. 
  • Quality/Standardization in Health Care

  • Endeavor Health Medical Group providers are accountable to standards established through evidence-based medicine. This helps ensure that treatment in the medical group adheres to a higher quality of care, resulting in the best possible patient outcomes. 

Benefits to Our Patients

  • Individualized Care Plans

  • As medicine continues to grow more specialized, it’s more important than ever to pair the right provider with the right patient, condition and procedure. Utilizing a team approach, our specialists ensure that each patient receives the attention and individualized care they need to achieve the best possible outcomes.
  • Access to the Care and Services You Need

  • With the Endeavor Health Medical Group Patient Portal, you have convenient, 24/7 access to the medical information you need from the comfort and privacy of your own home or work. Plus, contact your provider’s office and view past and future appointments.
  • A Care Team That Knows Your Condition, Inside and Out

  • Beginning with your primary care provider and continuing to the most advanced medical specialists, your Endeavor Health Medical Group providers know your unique needs. Through communication with one another and with you, they can provide you with an individualized, personalized care plan to get you well and keep you well.  

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