No matter what your interests are—competitive sports, gardening or playing with your grandchildren—you depend on the health of your bones and joints. When aches, pains and injuries keep you from doing the things you love, the board-certified orthopedic specialists and fellowship-trained orthopedic surgeons at Swedish Covenant Health in Chicago can help you recover and return to your daily life.

Swedish Covenant Health offers convenient, personalized orthopedic treatments, surgery and rehabilitation—all in one location. 

Direct Anterior Approach to Hip Replacement

This revolutionary approach to hip replacement allows the orthopedic surgeon to enter from the front of the hip, instead of the side or back. In doing so, the procedure can lead to a quicker recovery with less chance of dislocation of the implant. Immediate full weight-bearing is allowed, minimizing risks associated with immobility, reduced restrictions and a quicker return to independent activities, such as driving.

Hip and Knee Replacement Revisions

When hip and knee replacements fail, fellowship-trained orthopedic surgeons at Swedish Covenant Health can help correct them right utilizing highly specialized procedures.

Ultrasound-Guided Injections

To instantly ensure that steroid and pain-relieving injections are inserted directly into the joint and tendons to provide maximum relief, specially trained physicians use ultrasound technology to guide the needle. 

Sports Medicine

Sports medicine physicians can evaluate injuries and provide alternative treatments to surgeries—including prevention, rehabilitation and education and nutrition—when possible. By specializing not only in the human body, but in how it moves and performs, sports medicine doctors can help avoid serious injuries and manage chronic injuries in everyone from elite athletes to independent seniors. 

Outpatient Rehabilitation 

Seamless transition to outpatient rehabilitation on a single campus. Our outpatient rehabilitation program utilizes physical and occupational therapy disciplines to help you recover from everything from sports- and work-related injuries to post-surgical rehabilitation. 

Orthopedic Care Navigator

A dedicated orthopedic care navigator is available to coordinate your care, answer your questions and serve as your direct line to the hospital every step on your way to recover. 

Fitness and Nutrition Services in Chicago’s Only Certified Medical Fitness Center

Swedish Covenant Health shares a campus and affiliation with Galter LifeCenter, Chicago’s only certified medical fitness facility. When you visit out orthopedic office, you’re just steps away from registered dietitians, fitness experts and physical therapists available to assist with integrative treatment methods to help you get fit and relieve joint pain.


To make an appointment with a Swedish Covenant Medical Group orthopedic specialist, call 773-907-7750.

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