Cardiology / Electrophysiology 

Demo, Hany

Hany Demo, M.D.

"We are the only hospital in Chicago that does ablations without any x-ray whatsoever. Instead, we use 3-D mapping technology along with intracardiac ultrasound. This method is so effective that we can operate on mere millimeters without any sort of radiation."

Family Medicine

Khan, Ruheena

Ruheena Khan, D.O.

"My approach to taking care of patients involves creating meaningful relationships. That means listening to them, partnering with them and making sure we address all of their acute concerns as well as their chronic diseases."
Dang, Tommy 250x250

Tommy Q. Dang, D.O.

"I'm able to take care of the full range of life, anywhere from newborn to the elderly. It really brings me a lot of joy when I get the whole family in the room. It's a lot of fun to see people progress through life and to be there for them every step of the way."
Schumacher, Thoomas 250x250

Thomas Schumacher, D.O.

"As a doctor of osteopathic medicine, I was taught to look at the patient as a whole. It sounds so cliché to be a holistic doctor that looks at everything—but I do, especially the importance of mental health, nutrition and exercise."


Kathleen Maloul, M.D.

"Family medicine is about taking care of the whole person and extended families from birth to death and everywhere in between—grandparents, parents, kids and newborns."

Internal Medicine

Levenhagen, Ryan 250x250

Ryan Levenhagen, D.O.

"The interesting thing to me is using osteopathic manipulative treatment for ailments that are not strictly musculoskeletal. Osteopathic techniques can also affect your breathing, blood flow and lymphatic flow."


Dale Swims, D.O.

"I always look forward to building, refining and growing relationships with my patients. I don’t want them to think that I’m this doctor that’s looking down at them or looking through them. I want them to be able to talk to me and have a conversation."

Oleh Terleckyj, M.D.

"A familiarity with the other doctors and my patients enables us to put things together faster and get answers quickly. Knowing other medical professionals personally is key."

Gastroenterology (GI)

Marc Sheinman

Marc Sheinman, D.O.

"A big part of what we treat has to do with quality of life. The problems are often times embarrassing or difficult to talk about. This is a safe space to discuss what the issue is to find a solution to make your day-to-day life a little bit better."


Dr. Erika Hutz

Erika Hutz, D.O.

"A big part of geriatrics is preventive medicine. It's about being proactive. I don't want to wait for a bad fall or a broken bone."

Neurology / Neurosurgery

Johnson, Andrew250x250

Andrew Johnson, M.D.

"My basic philosophy is to give patients the least invasive option available to treat their condition. I always want the patient's outcome to be maximized."


Rachel Allon

Rachel Allon, M.D.

"Having relationships with my patients is really what made me pursue a career in medicine, so it's really important to me. Making sure that I'm giving patients what they need when they come to the doctor and not just following what my checklist is."

Brown, Stacy250x250 (2)

Stacy Brown, M.D.

"When I say family planning, I mean determining what you want your family to look like. How many children do you want? What do you want the timing to look like?Based on that, I can meet them where they are with what I offer as a physician."



David Stiasny, M.D.

"I don’t think that a single philosophy can really apply to every patient. Each individual is unique, with different backgrounds and life experiences, and it’s my job to see how my practice style can adjust to them." 


Wolff, Birte

Birte Wolff, M.D.

"Every patient is different. From the moment I step into the room my goal is to figure out how I can improve that patient’s life, right now."

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