Swedish Hospital Patient Portal 

Frequently Asked Questions

Swedish Hospital offers two Patient Portals. One Patient Portal is for services received at Swedish Hospital and the other refers to services delivered by providers with Swedish Medical Group. The following FAQs are for the Swedish Hospital Patient Portal.

To access the hospital Patient Portal, visit SwedishCovenant.org/portal

If you are looking for information services delivered by Swedish Medical Group (SMG) providers, visit the SMG Patient Portal.

1. What if I forgot my login ID/password?

  • If you forgot your login ID, please email SCHportal@schosp.org or call 773-989-1398
  • If you forgot your password, click “forgot password” when prompted to enter your username and password. You will be asked to provide your login ID and the email address we have on file. An email will be sent to you with reset instructions within two business days.

2. How can I sign up for the Swedish Hospital Patient Portal?

    For patients who provided an email when admitted to the hospital

    You will automatically be enrolled in the Patient Portal. An email with instructions on how to access the Patient Portal will be sent to the email address you provided within five business days.

    For patients who did not provide an email address, or for outpatient services such as lab work, MRI, mammogram and other diagnostics tests

    Click here to complete the Patient Portal Access Request Form and email it to SCHportal@schosp.org, or call 773-989-1398. You will receive an email confirmation from a hospital representative. Click the “sign-up” link in the email and follow steps to create your username and password. 

    For patients who provided an email at registration for outpatient services such as lab work, MRI, Mammogram and other diagnostics tests:

    Visit SwedishCovenant.org/patient-online-services and click “Create an Account.” Follow instructions to enroll in the hospital Patient Portal. You will need your medical record number to create a username and password. If you do not have your medical record number, please call 773-989-1398.

3. How can I gain access to a family member’s (child or adult) health information on the hospital portal?

For individuals 12 years and older, a proxy form will need to be completed by the patient and family member.

You can also visit the Medical Records Department, located on the first floor of the Anderson Pavilion, 2751 W. Winona Ave. 

For children 11 years or younger, parents with Swedish Hospital Patient Portal accounts may request their child’s account to be linked to their Patient Portal. Email SCHportal@schosp.org or call 773-989-1398.

4. My family member’s records are linked to my account. How can I view their information?

From your Patient Portal account, click “change person” in the top right-hand corner, then select your family member’s name.

5. How do I cancel or reschedule an appointment for a hospital test such as a mammogram or MRI?

To cancel or reschedule an appointment for a hospital test, call the Scheduling Department at 773-878-6888.

6. What if I have a question about the health information I am seeing in my account?

If you have a health-related question, contact your doctor directly.

7. How can I remove specific health record information from my account?

To request removal of specific information from your Patient Portal account, call the Medical Records Department at 773-989-3808.

8. Why am I seeing “pending” on my lab results?

Lab results are still being processed. Blood test results will be available within 36 hours and microbiology (i.e. urine) tests results will be available within 72 hours.

9. What if I have trouble paying my hospital bill on the Patient Portal?

For billing-related questions, call Credit Services at 773-989-3841.