Insurance Counseling Services

As a partner in your long-term medical care, Swedish Hospital offers free counseling services through our certified counselors to guide you through the process of getting insurance. Our counselors are happy to answer any questions you might have about the Affordable Care Act, All Kids, FamilyCare, Moms and Babies, Medicare and other Senior Health Insurance.

All Kids: Health Insurance For All Children

All Kids, formerly KidCare, is a State of Illinois health insurance program that gives uninsured children access to comprehensive, affordable health insurance. Uninsured children 18 and younger in Illinois, regardless of family income, immigration status or medical conditions, may be eligible for All Kids. Some higher income families may be expected to pay monthly premiums and co-pays for some medical services. 

All Kids is not intended to be a substitute for private health insurance. Families with children already receiving a monthly medical card do not need to file a new application. 

Familycare and Moms And Babies: Insurance For Parents And Pregnant Woman

FamilyCare, a State of Illinois health insurance program, offers low-cost health insurance to working parents and relative caretakers living with their children 18 years and younger. Due to recent changes in eligibility effective April 1, 2006, more families now qualify. If you work, have business or childcare expenses or pay child support, you may qualify. 

Pregnant women may also be eligible for Moms and Babies, regardless of their immigration status, with pregnancy verification notice from a physician.

Medicare and Other Senior Health Insurance Information

Swedish Hospital is a Senior Health Insurance Program (SHIP) site. SHIP is a free, state-sponsored counseling service provided by the Illinois Department of Insurance, which assists Medicare beneficiaries and their caregivers with health insurance problems, planning and questions. 

Make an appointment with our SHIP counselor, who can guide you through problems involving Medicare, Medicare Supplement Insurance, Medicare HMOs, long term care insurance, retiree health plans, claims processing and appealing claims denials.

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