FAQs on the Transition From the Healow to the NorthShoreConnect Patient Portal

1. Why did you make this change?

We have upgraded our electronic health record (EHR) system and integrating Swedish Medical Group with NorthShore University HealthSystem’s EHR.  On NorthShoreConnect you can:

  • Schedule doctor appointments online anytime
  • View your test results, medical records, and after visit summaries
  • Use family access to manage your family's health 
  • Renew prescriptions
  • Pay bills and view balances
  • Send a message your care team

2. How do I message my doctor through the portal?

You can send messages to your primary care physician through the NorthShoreConnect portal. You are no longer able to message physicians through the previous Healow portal.

3. How can I pay my Swedish Medical Group bills?

You can pay your Swedish Medical Group bills through the NorthShoreConnect portal.

To pay Swedish Medical Group doctor’s office visit bills prior to Sept 29, 2020, please visit
https://scmg.mysecurebill.com or please call the phone number listed on your billing

4. How long will I be able to access my information in the Healow portal?

You will have until June 2021 to login and download or print any information you would like
from the Healow portal.

5. What happens to past visit history, test results and reports from the current portal?

Lab Results

  • When you create a NorthShoreConnect account for the first time, previous test results are not immediately available to view in your account.
  • The results from the past 2 years are in the new EHR, Epic, but the process of releasing them to NorthShoreConnect does not begin until the patient sets up an account.
  • After the patient creates their NSC account, Epic begins releasing the results following the usual timetable.
  • Most test results are automatically released in 24-72 hours but there are some tests which don’t release until 7 days. Please keep in mind that there are tests that do not automatically release to NorthShoreConnect. If there are results a patient needs in their NorthShoreConnect account and they don’t display after a week, please contact your care team to ask for them to be manually released.


  • When you create a NorthShoreConnect account for the first time, the allergy/medication/immunization information viewable on your previous portal is not immediately available to view in your NorthShoreConnect account.
  • Information from the past 2 years is in the new EHR, Epic, but it will not appear on NorthShoreConnect until it has been reconciled by a clinical team member.
  • Reconciling this information only takes place during the patients first appointment in the new system. This will not be added by calling the care team. 

Past Visit and appointments or clinical/surgical history

  • When you create a NorthShoreConnect account for the first time, previous clinical/surgical history are not immediately available to view in your account.
  • Appointment history from the past 2 years is in the new EHR, Epic, but for some patients it is not yet included in Past Appointments.
  • Clinical/surgical information from the past 2 years is in the process of being abstracted. This is a manual process and will be completed as quickly as possible. This information is still available in the previous portal. 

At any time you would like information a hard copy of your medical records will always be available through the Medical Records Department at Swedish Hospital. To request a copy of your medical record, please contact our Medical Records Department at 773-878-8200, ext. 5574

6. How do I renew a medication?

  • Request medication refills through the new portal, NorthShoreConnect.
  • Until previous medications are reconciled, they will not appear on the list when you try to renew a prescription. Here is how to request in the meantime:
  1. Click on Request Renewals under Medications:
  2. Scroll down to "Other prescriptions you would like renewed", at the bottom of the page:
    1. Click the check box on the right side
    2. Enter the name of the medication in the comments box, then click Next.
    3. On the Pharmacy screen, you can enter your preferred pharmacy and submit the renewal request.
    4. After the renewal request has been processed by the clinical team, this medication will appear on the NorthShoreConnect medications list.

7. How do I set up Proxy Access for children or adults?

  • When you create a NorthShoreConnect account for the first time, any proxy access you had on the previous portal does not automatically transfer to your NorthShoreConnect account.

To request family access

Parent who has their own NorthShoreConnect account requesting access for minor

  1. Log into NorthShoreConnect.org
  2. From the "Health" menu, select Share My Record (found under Medical Tools)
  3. Click Family Access (Proxy) Settings
  4. Select "Click here to request access to a minor's record" link

Adult with their own NorthShoreConnect account can grant Family Access
through their account 

  1. Log into NorthShoreConnect.org
  2. From the "Health" menu, select Share My Record (found under Medical Tools)
  3. Click Family Access (Proxy) Settings
  4. Select "+Invite Someone"

Family Access (Proxy) Settings can now be accessed on the NorthShoreConnect Mobile App:

  1. Click on the 3 dots in the upper right corner of the main screen, then select Account Settings:
  2. Scroll down and select Friends and Family Access

8. How do I save a record of my information from the Healow portal?

  • You can print or download historical information from the Healow portal by clicking
    the Medical Records tab and choosing any of the options provided including
    Personal Health Record, Current Medications, Lab/Diagnostic Results and more.
  • When choosing the Personal Health Record option you will then populate the dates
    you are looking to save and click submit. When the records appear, at the top right
    corner there are two options to download information or print. See screen shot
    below (click to see the enlarged image).

    How to Save a Record of Your Information in Healow 

9. How will I know which portal to log into to view which information?

  • Log into NorthShoreConnect to view upcoming Swedish Medical Group visits.
  • Log into the Hospital Portal to view services received at Swedish Hospital, including
    hospital stays.

10. How can I sign up for NorthShoreConnect?

  • During your office visit, we will automatically send you an auto activation link.  If that link expires, you can still follow the link to our self registration page. 
  • If you didn’t receive an email and believe you should have, please call our portal support team to set up.
  • Please visit Swedishcovenant.org and select Sign Up/ Log in for NorthShoreConnect