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Why Your Heart May Skip or Race, and What You Can Do About It

by David Modica | Feb 23, 2016

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Believe it or not, your heart beats due to an electrical system, and it’s prone to malfunction. While it’s common to experience infrequent bouts of accelerated heartbeats, repeated instances of a racing heart or “skipping a beat” can indicate arrhythmia. 

It’s true that some instances of arrhythmia are relatively benign, but there can be side effects if the condition is not properly managed, including:

•         Lightheadedness or dizziness 
•         Shortness of breath
•         Fainting or near-fainting spells
•         Lethargy or fatigue
•         Chest pain
•         And, if a serious condition is not treated, sudden cardiac arrest

When dealing with cases of arrhythmia, an electrophysiologist is essential. These specialists examine the system that keeps your heart going, utilizing a variety of techniques to correct heartbeat irregularities. 

For Hany Demo, M.D., an electrophysiologist with Swedish Covenant Medical Group, even the most technical procedures must also involve providing compassionate care: “My guiding philosophy is to provide every patient with personalized, prompt, compassionate and of course state-of-the-art care that is always guided by the highest level of integrity and humanism.” 

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What sets him apart.
Dr. Demo has over 10 years of clinical experience, which is evident by the newest technology, resources and procedures he employs, many of which are rare to find in Chicago, including:

1. Cryoablation
When medication doesn’t prove as effective as it should, cryoablation can be the answer. The minimally invasive procedure uses extreme cold to correct irregular heartbeats by freezing some of the heart tissue that surrounds pulmonary veins. And it’s safer and more effective than a more traditional approach. 

2. Fluoroless ablation
Swedish Covenant Hospital is the only hospital in Chicago that performs ablation without any x-ray whatsoever. Dr. Demo performs ablation using intracardiac echocardiography (ICE) and 3D electroanatomic mapping technology (3D-EAM) instead of X-ray (as is typically the case). Using this technique, Dr. Demo is able to bypass risks linked to long periods of radiation exposure, including some skin injuries, genetic defects and general malignancies. 

3. Subcutaneous defibrillator
While traditional defibrillators (ICD) require electrophysiologists to implant one or more leads inside of or against the patient’s heart, the state-of-the-art subcutaneous defibrillator system (S-ICD) allows Dr. Demo to insert the defibrillator just under the skin, avoiding possible complications such as systemic blood infections, fractures and lead displacement. 

In addition, Dr. Demo’s use of this technology further benefits patients who would typically be considered unsuitable for ICD therapy. 

What this means for you.

The latest diagnostic and treatment procedures, delivered with expert care and unparalleled compassion. Your heart is essential to your life. With Dr. Demo’s assistance, you can rest assured it is being well taken care of. 
Demo w borderHany Demo, M.D., is an electrophysiologist and board-certified internal medicine physician in the Swedish Covenant Medical Group. He is a clinical instructor in medicine at the University of Illinois College of Medicine and a former associate program director at Mercy Hospital and Medical Center. He has published several pieces of original research internationally. 

The Cardiovascular Services program at Swedish Covenant Hospital provides compassionate care, advanced technology, the best available treatments and distinguished rehabilitation programs to diagnose a full range of heart and vascular conditions all in one location. 

For more information about Dr. Demo, please call 773-989-3957.