Integrative and Functional Medicine Doctors

Integrative and functional medicine providers believe in a holistic and patient-centered approach to health care. Primary care physicians practicing integrative and functional medicine deliver expert care and comprehensive treatment plans that take into account the various factors that contribute to your wellbeing. 

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What is Integrative and Functional Medicine?

Integrative and functional medicine examines each patient as a whole person, instead of an isolated set of symptoms. By understanding where complex chronic diseases originate, functional medicine doctors assist you in preventing and treating these conditions, helping you feel and stay better on a long-term basis. 

In addition to using traditional western medicine treatment modalities, functional medicine utilizes lifestyle modifications, supplements and homeopathic approaches. Providers examine your stress level, food habits and lifestyle choices in addition to possible genetic risk factors and other comorbidities which could affect your health.

At times, doctors may also refer you to complementary treatment health practitioners such as acupuncturists, massage therapists and psychologists. 

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Guiding Beliefs

Integrative and functional medicine is about more than treating difficult illnesses—that’s only one component. An integrative practitioner aims to improve your quality of life and assist you in avoiding future illness and preventable conditions. 
  • Prevention is the Most Effective Method of Treatment

    Caring for you is about more than treating your illnesses. Integrative and functional medicine physicians can educate you on how to limit exposure to harmful environments and lifestyle choices to minimize the risk of chronic illness occurring in the first place.
  • Positive Holistic Adjustments to Your Lifestyle Have Significant Medical Benefits

    To aid in prevention, integrative and functional medicine providers utilize a full spectrum of methods to create individualized, customized treatment plans to help reverse negative processes that make you more susceptible to illness.
  • Genes Do Not Define Your Quality of Health

    Recent research shows that genes are triggered by controllable factors like your outlook, environment and lifestyle choices. By consciously seeking to improve these areas, you can obtain the freedom to be happy and healthy despite genetic limitations. 
  • Health Care is a Partnership

    You improve your own quality of life by becoming actively involved in your  care plan.

Meet Dr. Angel Rivera

Angel Rivera, D.O., is a board-certified internal medicine physician with Swedish Covenant Medical Group. Dr. Rivera utilizes a combination of western medicine, the latest diagnostic techniques and prescribed combinations of medication and supplementation to treat a variety of illnesses and conditions.

He emphasizes early detection and lifestyle changes to improve quality of life for adult patients of all backgrounds. He treats a full range of conditions, including chronic illness, cardiopulmonary conditions, autoimmune conditions, irritable bowel syndrome (IBS) and major and minor psychiatric conditions including insomnia.

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To schedule an appointment with Dr. Rivera, Call 773-878-3627 or submit an appointment request form>>

To schedule an appointment
with Dr. Angel Rivera,
please call 773-878-3627 or
submit an appointment request form>>

Meet Dr. Angel Rivera

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