Healow App FAQ

Access your Swedish Medical Group Patient Portal through the healow mobile app. 

    1. Download the free healow app on the App Store or Google play.

    Healow App on App Store
    Healow on Google Play
    2. Enter our Practice Code: FJCCCA 

How Do I Log in for the First Time? 


What Do I Do If I Receive a Login Error?



I Forgot My PIN. How Do I Change It? 


How Do I Request a Medication Refill?


How Do I View My Test Results?


How Do I Read Notes About My Test Results?


How Do I Setup an Appointment Reminder?


How Do I Send a Message?


How Do I Read a Message?


How Do I View a Visit Summary?


How Do I View a List of My Medications?


Verified Patient Reviews Now Available

Swedish Medical Group provider profiles now have patient ratings and comments to help you make informed decisions about the providers you choose.

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