The Mayora Rosenberg Women’s Health Center

Every woman has access to high-quality preventive care and resources at the Mayora Rosenberg Women’s Health Center at Swedish Covenant Hospital. The center was designed by and for women, with your needs in mind. From night and weekend appointments to private, women-only patient areas, the center was designed to care for and empower women. 

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To schedule an appointment, please call 773-878-6888 or complete an appointment request form.
At the Women's Health Center, an experience women’s health patient navigator is available to help women navigate services and resources across the hospital. This can sometimes include removing barriers such as child care concerns, transportation or anything else that would prevent them from getting the services they need.   

Services include:

  • Breast health (mammogram and ultrasound), bone health, breastfeeding, and psychology
  • Coordinated care across the hospital
  • Convenient evening and weekend appointments
  • Translation services in more than 180 languages

3-D mammography detects 29% more breast cancer than traditional mammography. It also reduces the number of additional imaging due to false alarms. 3-D mammography is especially useful for women with dense breasts.

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To schedule an appointment, please call 773-878-6888 or complete an appointment request form.

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Call 773-878-6888 to schedule your mammogram at the Women's Health Center. 

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“Last week was my first mammogram experience at your spa-like women’s health center.  Everyone from the front desk staff, to the friendly walk to the changing room, the tech’s courtesy and the radiologist’s thoughtful sharing of my results made me feel pampered like Julia Roberts in the movie Pretty Woman. It only took 20 minutes start-to-finish and the mammogram itself lacked discomfort. The 3-D imaging meant I only had to go through a single mammogram, rather than repeated uncomfortable procedures followed by an ultrasound. The radiologist showed me my new 3-D images compared to my recent 2-D images so I could clearly see what the little friends in my breast were doing. That gave me confidence that I was okay. The entire appointment was a vast improvement  over my last few years of mammograms.“
- Katerine S., October 2015