Quality, Ethics and Patient Safety

Part of delivering the best in patient care is respecting the privacy, dignity, safety and care-related decisions of the patient. We offer our downloadable statement on patient rights.

Patient Rights - English

Your Safety

As a patient at Swedish Covenant Hospital, your comfort and safety is our top priority. We have implemented a number of initiatives to that end, to ensure the most efficient and safe experience for you in our hospital. 

Falls Prevention

The prevention of a fall in the hospital is essential to optimal patient health and experience. An integral part of patient safety, our falls prevention program was established in 2005 to ensure maximum precautions against patient falls. The program spans all units and many hospital departments and reviews its progress monthly.

Medication Safety

Swedish Covenant Hospital's pharmacy takes great care to minimize error in all aspects of prescription delivery. In addition to automating distribution of drug doses and closely monitoring prescriptions of high-risk medications, the pharmacy began the medication reconciliation program on January 1, 2006.

As part of this program, our staff examines each patient's medications upon arrival, treatment and discharge at the hospital, looking very closely for discrepancies and compliance. This process minimizes the likelihood of errors and ensures an excellent patient experience at Swedish Covenant Hospital, one that is tightly managed from start to finish.

Quality Measures

Quality data for Medicare-certified hospitals, including Swedish Covenant Hospital, is made available through Hospital Compare, a service of the U.S. Department of Health and Human Services.

This service allows you to view and compare Swedish Covenant Hospital's adult admissions for certain medical conditions with measurements of other hospitals. You may also explore which quality measures are used, and why they are important in a patient's care.

These measures are based on data from hospitals' patient records. The data is converted to rates that measure how well the hospitals care for their patients; higher percentages are better.

As you look at the data, it is important to know that small differences in the percentages usually don't show that one hospital is significantly better or worse. Percentages may be affected by such factors as how many patients are included in the calculation of the rate. This doesn't necessarily reflect the quality of care you will receive.

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Quality Measures

Many aspects of the hospital environment affect patient care. Below are a number of ways in which Swedish Covenant Hospital commits to meeting and exceeding our quality standards:

Hospital Culture

In health care, quality begins with a healthy and communicative organizational culture. At Swedish Covenant Hospital, our caregivers are integral to identifying opportunities and strategies to improve quality and providing the best in patient care. Whether it's using new protocols or implementing research, our teams are always looking for ways to improve your care and experience at the hospital.

Highly Trained Physicians

At Swedish Covenant Hospital, we recruit and retain the most highly trained physicians available. As a result, approximately 87 percent of the physicians on staff are board certified in their respective fields, which means that they have successfully completed and passed a formal course of training and set of examinations for their field. Board certification is issued by a specialty association, such as the American Board of Medical Specialties.

Magnet® Excellence

Swedish Covenant Hospital has been named a Magnet® hospital by the American Nurses Credentialing Center (ANCC).  Magnet Recognition® is the highest international distinction health care organizations and hospitals can receive for nursing excellence and outstanding patient care. Currently, there are only 410 Magnet recognized hospital in the world, 38 in Illinois and only six in Chicago.

According to the ANCC, Magnet recognition is associated with benefits that include:

  • Excellent patient outcomes
  • Improved quality and safety practices
  • Better work environment 
  • Nurse satisfaction and engagement
  • Nurse recruitment and retention 

Staffing Levels

We maintain high staffing levels to ensure that our nursing staff is not over-extended, allowing them to devote the appropriate amount of time to each patient and their family members. If you would like information on our nurse staffing levels, please contact Kathy Donofrio at 773-878-8200, ext. 7330.

Staff Retention

Swedish Covenant Hospital enjoys one of Chicago's lowest staff turnover rates among medical caregivers. This is due in part to providing a collaborative, communicative environment where health care providers can perform their best.

Ethics and Health Care Decision Making

The care providers and staff at Swedish Covenant Hospital in Chicago are committed to providing patients and their families with the highest standard of safety and welfare. These standards include affirming each patient's right to participate in their health care decisions, and treating patients and their families with competence, care and respect.

We recognize that health care decisions are not always simple or easy to make. Physicians and nurses can try to provide information as clearly and sensitively as possible and can even make recommendations about what to do. Still, you have decisions to make, in accordance with your values and convictions. You may accept or refuse any or all tests and treatments that are offered or recommended to you.

Sometimes it may be hard to decide what choice is truly in the patient's best interest, or what course of treatment best reflects what the patient wants. Uncertainty can make choices difficult. Medical ethics means going through the process of determining what is the "best" or "right" thing to do when you are uncertain, when the choices and their consequences are not evident — and when those involved disagree about what to do.

To learn more about medical ethics or to schedule a consultation, call 773-878-8200, ext. 5366.


Hospital Compare

Provides information on how well hospitals in your area care for all adult patients with certain medical conditions. This information will help you compare the quality of care hospitals provide. Hospital Compare was created through the efforts of the Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services (CMS) and organizations that represent hospitals, doctors, employers, accrediting organizations, other Federal agencies and the public.


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