2017 Strategic Plan

Swedish Covenant Hospital’s strategic plan which is outlined below, was developed based on dialogue with a variety of stakeholders, analysis of past performance and reflection on the future state of health care within our community. We received excellent input from more than 500 people, including employees, physicians, community leaders, elected officials and the Swedish Covenant Hospital Board of Directors.  

The 2017 strategic plan focuses on five key areas: community, employees, our finances, quality and physician engagement. When all of us align to work collaboratively toward the tremendous opportunity that lies ahead, these strategic initiatives will be realized. Together, Swedish Covenant Hospital, our employees and our community will be better together and better tomorrow.  

Thank you for your support as we work towards our goals.

Strategic Plan Summary

Strategic Priority CommunityCommunity
Studies have demonstrated socioeconomic and education levels may significantly affect overall health. As a community health care provider, Swedish Covenant Hospital has a shared interest in all determinants of long-term health. We will take deliberate, material steps to partner with local community groups to understand and respond to the educational, preventative and acute health needs of our community. We will be a catalyst for driving change. The ability to manage and positively influence our community’s health needs is increasingly important as the economic model of care evolves to one of shared risk. This community leadership will be made evident through the Emergency Department expansion and targeted physician recruitment.  

Strategic Priority EmployeesEmployees
The “product” of Swedish Covenant Hospital is all the people throughout the organization who care at a bedside, in an operating room, via a diagnostic test or in countless other ways. Collectively, these moments become the patient experience and help define our culture. During FY17, our management will define and articulate the employee talent brand and implement recruitment and retention efforts to promote a highly engaged workforce that strives to achieve excellence in every patient interaction. 

Strategic Priority FinancesFinancial 
As an independent, community, academic, safety-net hospital, SCH must invest resources wisely. We must balance cost-savings initiatives with growth opportunities that enable us to invest in strengthening the workforce, obtaining new clinical technologies and expanding services. 

A multidisciplinary group will collaborate to ensure management has all the relevant information necessary to anticipate and respond to market opportunities in an effective and efficient manner. The core competency of data analytics will support clinical and population health initiatives and business decision making. A system-level, forward-looking perspective, incorporating rigorous financial, clinical, marketing and strategic review will be applied to any significant investment decision. 

Our independence is a strategic asset if we capitalize on our ability to make quick, thorough and thoughtful decisions. The application of this rigor and intellectual honesty to all levels of the organization will result in more effective decision making, faster deployments and the ability to identify investment and divestiture and performance improvement opportunities more effectively. 

Strategic Priority QualityQuality
Clinical quality care remains our top priority. There are hundreds of ways to define quality, and stakeholders often require different measurements; however, high quality performers tend to be consistent across all measures, regardless of the nuance of each individual metric. Swedish Covenant Hospital will continue to raise the standard by recruiting and employing high performers. The CARE Project, the Meditech EMR and enterprise software replacement, is a critical project for our hospital. The implementation and go-live on June 1, 2017 will enable changes in care pathways throughout the organization and serve as a more effective enterprise tool for providers and financial team members alike. 

Strategic Physician EngagementPhysician Engagement
Physicians and advanced practice practitioners develop the clinical direction of the hospital. As with our employees, the more physicians are engaged in the strategic, business and clinical investment discussions, the more effective operations and investments will be. The potential of operating as a unified group in our approach to patient care and the community is clinically and financially significant for Swedish Covenant Hospital.