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Study of Quality: Hypotensive Reactions During IV Drug Administration

by E. Miniscalco RN, BSN, OCN - Quality Coordinator | Nov 16, 2017

A Study of Quality was completed assessing the number of hypotensive reactions that occurred during a three month period; January 1st, 2016 to April 1st 2016, it was noted that eight patients experienced a hypotensive response to a drug infusion in the center.  While managing these patients the common practice is to lay the patient flat and place the patient in Trendelenburg position. The current clinic treatment chairs do not offer this feature. This was reported to the Director of Quality Improvement, the Quality Improvement Coordinator and the Project and Safety Manager.

A task force was created to look at Clinic Treatment Chairs available on the market.

Two Chairs were identified. A three week Trial of the chairs was completed by staff, patients, physicians and the administrative team. The side by side evaluation results are listed below:




Chair “B” was the clinic chair with the best safety features. This was brought forward to administration and finance. The proposal was approved for the purchase of seventeen Clinic Treatment Chairs with all the above features. Order placed costing $51,000. The Chairs are due to arrive this November 2016.