COVID-19 Vaccine Information

Board-certified primary care physicians and specialists explain COVID-19 vaccines, why they're effective, and why you should prioritize getting one. 

Dr. LeuVoy – COVID-19 Vaccine Importance for Parents

Top Quotation MarksI think it's important that adults do get the vaccine to prevent spreading it to our kids. We do know that COVID doesn't tend to have the same serious disease in kids, but there is still is disease. And so anyone who has kids or who are around kids who can't be vaccinated, it's important to do that to protect them. 

Dr. Dang – Does the COVID-19 Vaccine Change My DNA?

Top Quotation MarksPreventative medicine is a very big deal for me, and that's the idea behind vaccination. You don't get vaccinated when you're sick, you get vaccinated beforehand to prevent sickness. 

Dr. Dehnee - COVID-19 Vaccine Safety with Heart Disease

Top Quotation MarksMy patients are heart patients, so they are at higher risk of being critically ill or sicker if they get COVID-19, so it's even more important for them to get vaccinated to protect themselves and their families. 

Dr. Hasler - COVID-19 and Playing Sports Again

Top Quotation MarksNew things are inherently scary but we need to trust in science. When things first come out people get scared, but in this case it's about saving lives. 

Dr. Maldonado - COVID-19 and General Surgery Questions

Top Quotation MarksWhen my patients need surgery some of them do worry whether surgery is even safe for them with COVID going on. If they're vaccinated, they're already protected, and everyone gets vaccinated before each surgery. 

Dr. Maxouris - Should I Trust the COVID-19 Vaccine?

Top Quotation MarksWe have to understand that unless we vaccinate we will never be done with it. There will always be pockets where the virus can mutate when it jumps from unvaccinated person to unvaccinated person. So for humanity, we have to do it. 

Dr. Williams - COVID-19 Vaccine Importance?

Top Quotation MarksWI think a lot of us had to face potential mortality in our colleagues and in ourselves and we recognized that this was something that would impact us at a level that we could not even understand a year prior to that. 

Dr. Allon - Is the Vaccine Safe for Pregnant Women?

Top Quotation MarksI think that having the vaccine has just been such a relief for us and for our patients and for women who are planning on having a baby. 

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