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  • Explore working with Pilates springs in the Studio this season!

    by Kristin Walters | Apr 01, 2016
    Lots of new Pilates classes are starting up this time of year to get us ready for fun in the sun. This Spring, make sure to include the benefits of the Pilates Springs!
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  • Pilates During Pregnancy

    by Kristin Walters | Feb 04, 2016
    When I had my second baby I had lots of people asking questions about Pilates during my pregnancy. Prenatal fitness depends upon the individual person during that individual pregnancy, and what their healthcare provider recommends.
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  • What is Pilates?

    by Kristin Walters | Jan 08, 2016
    Everyone has heard about Pilates these days, and there seems to be a studio popping up on every corner. When I started my training to be a Pilates instructor, there were only 3 studios in the Chicago area. In the 1990’s Pilates was just being discovered in Chicago.
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  • Pilates does not just happen in the studio

    by Kristin Walters | Nov 05, 2015
    The women who taught me the principles of Pilates are forever in my mind, body and in my teaching. One of those women, a true legend of the Pilates world was Romana Kryzanowska.
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  • Resolutions from the Pilates Studio

    by Corinne Dawson | Jan 08, 2015
    The holidays are over and if you work in the fitness world that means it is time for the resolution rush! Everyone is busy planning their goals for next year.
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  • The Secret to a Perfect Pilates Workout

    by Corinne Dawson | Dec 03, 2014
    The holidays are upon us! We have so much to celebrate, and we all deserve a pat on the back for all the hard work we put in this year!
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  • I am a Pilates Nerd!

    by Corinne Dawson | Jul 16, 2014
    Confession: I am a Pilates nerd. I love Pilates. I love doing Pilates, teaching Pilates, watching Pilates, reading about Pilates. I work with several other folks who like myself, LOVE Pilates.
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  • The Discipline of Pilates

    by Corinne Dawson | Aug 13, 2013
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