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Diabetes Community Center

If you have been diagnosed with diabetes, are struggling to control the condition or would like an update on the latest research, medications, and trends, the Diabetes Community Center is here to assist you in achieving your goals.

The Diabetes Community Center teaches self-care techniques such as nutritional management, exercise, lifestyle improvements and blood glucose monitoring. Specialized diabetes training and management of intensive and innovative diabetes technologies including insulin pumps and continuous blood glucose monitoring are also provided. The self-care techniques offered through the Diabetes Self-Management Training Program have achieved recertification by the American Diabetes Association.

The outpatient Diabetes Community Center provides care for people facing type 1 and type 2 diabetes, impaired glucose tolerance, preconception care/management during pregnancy and gestational diabetes.

Offering services in both English and Spanish, the Diabetes Community Center is capable of helping our diverse community members manage their diabetes.

Why is this happening? Will I have to inject insulin? Which symptoms should I watch for? What foods can I eat? What kind of exercise do I need? Where do I start?

These are just a handful of the questions we can help you answer. Join the Millions who are living with this disease - not just existing with it.
The Wound Care and Limb Preservation Center at Swedish Covenant Hospital focuses exclusively on the treatment of chronic, non-healing wounds. Our team of doctors and nurses are dedicated and specifically trained to treat wounds that have resisted healing after months or years of traditional treatment. After initiating treatment at the Center, an estimated 82% of our patients heal within two months—and our overall healing rate exceeds the national benchmark.

The objective is to treat not only the wound but to also address the underlying issue that is causing the wound. In the case of diabetes, this program helps patients manage the disease by eliminating painful, persistent symptoms.

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Contact the Diabetes Community Center at 773-989-2292.
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