Cancer Care

At Swedish Covenant Hospital, we understand that a cancer diagnosis—regardless of the type or stage—is a life-altering event. Because of this, we believe that cancer care should focus on treating the whole patient, from the latest in medical treatments for the body to our healing environment designed to help you overcome the mental and emotional challenges of cancer. 

That’s why all of our caregivers act as a unified team, including our dedicated oncologists, radiologists, nurses, clinicians, community educators, social workers, psychologists, psychiatrists and chaplains. Through this collaboration of professionals, we are able to offer advanced cancer care with the personal attention that every patient deserves.


Excellent screening and diagnostic services are the essential first step in the continuum of quality cancer care. That's why we place great importance on these services at Swedish Covenant Hospital, offering the latest technology and programs designed to reach as many individuals in our community as possible.

For more detailed information on recommended screening guidelines, click here.

3-D mammography
3-D imaging benefits younger women and those with dense breasts by identifying abnormalities which may have been obscured in the past. Swedish Covenant Hospital is one of the only hospitals in Chicago equipped with 3-D mammography, also known as tomosynthesis. This innovative technology provides higher quality, more detailed images and scan results, which means more accurate diagnoses for our patients.

In 2-D mammograms, a camera positioned near the top of the X-ray machine takes a still image of the breast from above. This delivers a picture of the flattened breast which radiologists then examine for problem areas, such as masses or nodules. However, the static images can make it difficult for physicians to see abnormalities in dense breast tissue. 

3-D mammograms, on the other hand, take multiple sweeping images across the breast. This allows physicians and technicians to access both pictures of the individual “slices” of a woman’s breast, as well as a composite of the images. By “rolling through” the multiple images, radiologists are able to essentially look under and behind dense breast tissue to find any areas of concern.

Mammograms can be scheduled at Swedish Covenant Hospital within one week. Even if you've had a mammogram before, make sure you're up to date. If your primary care physician is not affiliated with Swedish Covenant Hospital, you can still schedule your mammogram with us. Your results will be faxed to your physician. To schedule your appointment, please call our Call Center at 773-878-6888.

Community screenings
Our goal is to achieve a cancer-free community for the neighborhoods served by Swedish Covenant Hospital. To support this goal, we regularly offer convenient public health screenings—either free or at a reduced rate—for various types of cancer, including breast, prostate, colorectal, uterine, skin and lung. Lectures often accompany these screenings, to provide the community with the education and support necessary to aid prevention.

Diagnostic Services
If a biopsy is deemed necessary, patients at Swedish Covenant Hospital will receive the least invasive, most rapid test possible. We offer:

  • Sentinel node biopsy, which can quickly determine the stage of cancer by identifying the first node affected.
  • Ultrasound-guided biopsy, a minimally invasive technique for obtaining tissue for examination.
  • Stereotactic biopsy, which uses mammography to guide the radiologist to the suspicious site within the breast so tissue extraction can be minimal and precise.
  • Bone marrow aspiration, in which bone marrow is removed and analyzed to diagnose cancer or determine if it has metastasized.
  • Transvaginal ultrasound, a method of imaging the genital tract and pelvic structure to determine the presence of abnormalities that could indicate cancer. The test uses an ultrasound machine that emits high-frequency sound waves to create a superior image compared to traditional procedures.


As part of the hospital’s ongoing commitment to building partnerships that enhance treatment and care opportunities, Swedish Covenant Hospital has begun a cancer affiliation with Rush University Medical Center.

Under the guidance of Site Leader Jeffrey Cilley, M.D., the affiliation targets Swedish Covenant Hospital's cancer programs with the goal of improving the quality of services available to our patients, our community and our neighbors. The new relationship will strengthen our ability to help patients who are tackling an array of cancer types, including breast, colon, lung, liver and prostate cancer.

The affiliation provides patients with a host of service and treatment enhancements. These include: 

  • Increased access to care for patients at both hospital sites
  • Enhanced surgical services, radiation therapy, imaging and specialty care
  • New research opportunities
  • Increased opportunities for medical students and residents
  • Lifestyle enhancement for cancer patients through the use of the Galter LifeCenter
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