STAR Awards

Our STAR (Special Thanks and Recognition) program recognizes employees for their outstanding work and commitment to safety, excellent outcomes and an unmatched patient experience.

Congratulations to our May STAR Employee of the Month, Genevieve Alave, Staff Nurse!


Genevieve was nominated by two patients this month. 

One wrote: “Genevieve went out of her way to make sure I had a happy Easter. She knew I love Filipino food and brought me a plate of delicious homemade delicacies. It made me happy on what could have been a very sad day. I know she is busy but she gave me all the attention I needed plus more! I feel like she elevated my life condition.”

Another wrote: “Genevieve provided excellent service because she listened. I had problem with a personal issue and because of her we discovered I was struggling with a UTI. She will go the extra mile when you have problems you feel no control over. She demonstrates compassion and helps me hope things will get better."

Genevieve has been at SCH since 2015.


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